A lifelong passion for pickles

Whitstable Pickle Company was born out of a lifelong passion for pickles and preserving and a desire to use locally sourced, quality ingredients. We like to use the abundance of fantastic ingredients in the Kent area.

Our founder, Tobias Hotchkiss was brought up in rural Suffolk and was introduced to pickling at an early age. After years running a design agency in London, his heart lead him back to the countryside, where his pickling became more than just a hobby.

All our pickles are handmade with love and care in Whitstable. We think you'll love them as much as we do.

Our ever expanding range of pickles:


Apple & Pear

A lovely smooth and sweet chutney with a hint of cinnamon that will complement most cheeses but works wonders on a sausage sandwich or even spread on fresh bread!


It’s a corker! This mango with a touch of chilli is a real winner a wonderful taste with a great  edge of curry to finish! From Cheddar cheese to a good hot curry we put it on everything.

Spicy Fig & Plum

Made with fresh figs a full flavoured chutney very fruity with a spicy finish. A must for your cheese board particualy good with the more full flavour cheese.

Red Onion

Not like any other onion chutney with its smoky finish it really works wonders on strong or smoked cheeses.

Rhubarb & Ginger

A wonderfully tangy chutney you really can taste the Rhubarb. Spread over fresh buttered bread with a course chunky pate just wait for the ginger kick.



Based on the Sweet Piccalilli recipe this little gem packs a big punch. A must for any connoisseur of the bacon sandwich spread it thick and enjoy.

Sweet Piccalilli

A traditional British classic filled with fresh crunchy vegetables. Come on try it. Put it on anything and everything you just can't go wrong. For this classic pickle as the saying goes, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


You either love it or hate it packed with yummy beetroot wonderful with a cheese sandwich or with a traditional ploughmans. Wow and just look at the colour!


Cider & Sage

A fantastic taste with a lovely little kick put it on your pork sausage and the cider will give it a little more Oomph! and wait for it yes you've just hit the sage. Yum! Yum!